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HP Misting Pump Arctic 2.4 lit/1000 Psi -120V/60HZ up to 50 Nozzles .006″


High Pressure Misting Pump “Arctic”
These series of professional high pressure pumps are the suitable solution with high quality and safety standard for all requirements to build professional mist cooling and humidification systems with flow rates ranging from 1 up to 6 l/min with single phase electric motor. High quality components like ceramic pistons, brass head, long lasting professional seals, assure smooth operation and a long-lasting reliability.
Our built-in digital timer offers full control of the efficiency of the misting system by direct adjustment of the frequency of mist spray increasing the advantages on water and energy consumption with savings up to 70% if compared to standard systems. This pump is suitable for small and medium humidification systems thanks to the special programming of the built-in timer that allows you to set work cycles in seconds and pause cycles in minutes.
A built-in humidity and temperature controller grants a complete control on environment conditions and a quick and simple installation of humidification systems. QES electrical motors assure the full efficiency with lowest power consumption and low noise operation.

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Additional information

Weight 48.50 lbs
Dimensions 18.58 × 14.72 × 13.07 in


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